Art Director/Senior Designer

Currently studying Full Stack Web Development at the University of Richmond (graduating January 2019), with a BFA in Graphic Design from VCU. 10 years of agency experience creating visual design for national and international brands. Web design, package design, 3D rendering, environmental graphics, print collateral, product photography and retouching, as well as publication production and staff management.

Already an award-winning web designer with past development experience, UR’s Full Stack Development program is rounding out my capabilities to include JavaScript, the MERN stack, version control, databases, testing, and deployment. I also focus on CSS skills and build WordPress websites.

Equally comfortable as part of an agile workflow team or working independently, I enjoy problem-solving challenges like creating a distinctive logo, writing a JavaScript application, or just finding the most interesting route up a rock face. In addition to playing well with others, I am also blessed with the ability to utilize both halves of my brain, allowing me to creatively design high-quality art as well as logically solve code, production, and other left brain challenges.