Full Stack Web Developer
and Art Director

Equal parts visual creative and logical problem-solver, I have augmented my passion for design with the ability to create user interfaces and the web application stacks that run them.

In order to add to my skills gained from agency experience in print and web design, I graduated from the University of Richmond's Full Stack Web Developer program with a proficiency in the MERN stack and related development technologies.

Eternally curious with a love of learning new skills, I taught myself 3D modeling so our agency could offer high fidelity product concept renderings to our packaging clients. I also took it upon myself to learn studio photography and photo retouching so the agency could also offer clients marketing images of their finished products and packaging.

I am a personable collaborator, detail-oriented self-starter, and non-stop learner. I consistently deliver high-quality, on-time design and development projects and have the ability to manage the creative and production process from start to finish.