Full Stack Web Developer

Full Stack Web Development graduate of the University of Richmond with a BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Trained in JavaScript, React, CSS, the MERN stack, databases, and a variety of other web technologies and JavaScript libraries. Currently learning Angular, TypeScript, and the MEAN stack.

An intuitive creative as well as a logical problem-solver, I have augmented my print and 3D design talents with a passion for creating user interfaces and coding full application stacks. I love the art and science of code construction, the methodical and collaborative nature of the Agile software development process, and learning new technologies.

In various roles such as publication Web Designer, agency Senior Designer, freelance Art Director, as well as scrum master and lead developer of Agile development projects, I have a proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality, on-time deliverables. I’m one of those rare birds with a high level of both technical ability and creative skills.